phpBB Extensions by Paul Sohier

On this site you can find all extensions I made for phpBB 3.1 and later. Support for extensions is provided at (Except for Paid extensions). All free extensions have basic support. Paid extensions have extended support by email (Provided to buyers). All extensions on this site are released under the GPL-V2.

Free extensions

Ajax Shoutbox

A very simple shoutbox using modern style javascript for your forum.

Status: Released, version 1.0.2

Download & Support

phpBB two factor authentication

This extension adds support for two factor authentication when logging in.

Status: In development, version 0.0.5

Download & Support


Simple mentions

Simple extension that allows users to mention another user to get their attention. Supports any type of notification available within phpBB, and has support for permissions to use the mention system.

Status: Released, version 1.0.5

Download & Support

Custom phpBB work

If you need any custom work done for your phpBB forum you can contact me at paul [at] phpbbextensions [dot] io. I do phpBB installations, extenion installation and extension development.

  • simple installation: €45
  • extension installation and configuration: €25
  • Custom development: By hour (€25-35) or project based

All prices are in euro, and to be paid with paypal.


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